Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I got the letter from Google!

well, I was waiting for it a loooong long time. It should of come about at the end of September, but it just didn't want to. I talk about the letter with the PIN for my Google adsense account. The letter is sent automatically by Google when you reach the amount of $50 in adsense earnings, and it has to arrive in 2-4 weeks, maximum 6 weeks. If it doesn't - there are 2 more chases to request it again. That is what I did - I asked to send it again as it didn't arrive, but it didn't help, so I made some researches, and someone gave me the advice to change the address. You know, yesterday I was thinking to write them an email and to ask them to send me the pin some other way, but when I got home - I found it! Huraaaay!!!!!

Why I was so anxious? because without that pin, you can't ask for payment, and also, when you reach the amount of $200 in Google adsense, if you you did not introduce your PIN they stop showing the ads - at least the paid ones (depends what you have chosen to show). So I was in that situation, and this was making me lazy - I did not have the inspiration to work. But now They are back - and so am I.

Too much talking, let's get to work!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Earning with Google adsense

Earning some money on the internet seems to be a difficult issue, and in fact it is not so easy. The most spread way is earning with Google Adsese. Why people choose it? I think because they approve almost all people. So I got approved. I made a couple of blogs (or should I say "sblogs"), just took the articles from articles directories and published them. This was the easy part, as the main goal for any website - be that a simple blog or a super- site, is to attract visitors, to make them know about it and to make them return. The more traffic you get - the higher the probability someone will click the ads and make you some cents (or even dollars).

I know there are thousands of blogs "Learning" to make money online, but I know that anyway you have to go through all the steps - someone is succeeding, someone not - it requires a lot of time and patience. Not counting the work. Ok, I've made my first hundred in about 4 months working with 5 blogs, but the content wasn't unique and that means low traffic and even lower conversion of it in clicks. So now I'm writing the articles by my own - this helps, but not so much too.

About adsense - they have some TOS of course - just like all, and there are as usual restrictions about the content - no violence, no porn, etc. Its worth at least trying, there is nothing to loose - you don't need to invest money - just your time.

There are people who make thousands of dollars on Google Adsense monthly, I'm veeery much hoping to become one of them, hmm who doesn't?

Monday, December 3, 2007


I'm not an expert in the internet earnings, but I made some money here, and thought to make a blog about how I did and how I will do it further.